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NasraTech: Who are we?

Nasra Ltd., which is a well known company in automotive sector, was founded on 1995 in Izmir. We have been serving to automotive sector since 1995. Once we have been into a market with pin code generator tools and supplying hardware support and now on we have our most powerful key generator tool which is named CryptoWork Calculation Software. It is known as impossible to crack or break. We are not hackers or crackers.

We are security professionals and have programmers who have a real secure programming logic. Our research and development department is consisted of engineers who are chosen as experts in their own areas. We have over hundreds of customers who bought our software and get a perfect support from us around the world. Our company works with over 20 countries which are U.K, Canada, USA, Israel, Australia, Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Libya, Denmark, Singapore, Honduras, Ireland, Hungary, and Scotland etc.

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